My Story

I do not want to go into full detail because I do plan to write a book about this one day so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. In late June of 2013 my late husband complained of extreme pain and tingling in his legs. After many tests and all the scans you can think of (CT, CAT, PET, MRI) he was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal (colon) cancer. The doctors said that what Ben had was not curable. Shortly after the doctors wanted him to start doing radiation in his brain and sacrum because those were the most troublesome areas. They said if we didn’t do it the cancer in his brain would cause him to die in a few months. Less than a month after he started radiation my husband complained of back pain. Turns out cancer  had traveled up his spine and caused part of his spine to collapse. They deemed it as emergency surgery and operated the next day to replace part of his spine. My husband had to re-learn how to walk and go through physically therapy. Around September 2013 he returned home still getting physical therapy in our apartment and with a neck brace to keep his spine and neck straight as it healed from surgery. He did chemo and our doctor put him on some experimental chemo drugs  because toward the end the regular chemo started not being as effective. We also tried to follow the Gerson Diet, did juicing with the Green Star Elite, I tried to make smoothies almost everyday for him. There was a short time almost all his cancer was shrinking and he was feeling good.  But the summer of his death he began to go downhill quickly and he passed away August 13, 2014.

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